Monday, September 29, 2014

Golf Course Renovation: Week 7

Contractor activity increased in week 7 of the golf course renovation project as work on bridges and cart paths began.  The cart path on #1 and #2 is complete, and the first lift of asphalt is complete on #9.  The first of two deliveries of bridge beams has arrived, and removal of the bridges on #8 is under way.  

A field trip was taken by myself and Assistant Superintendent Lucas Palczewski to two tree nurseries to select replacement trees for those that were removed for shade remediation on greens.  The new tree locations have been selected by Nicklaus Design.  About half of the trees will be planted this fall and half in the spring.  

The second application of Velocity herbicide was applied to fairways, and the small amount of Poa annua that germinated alongside our newly planted bentgrass in fairways looks to be dying.  I will post some better pictures of this next week as the bentgrass greens back up and the visible difference between the two grass types becomes more apparent.  The turf on greens is really beginning to fill in where there was good initial germination percentage.  The areas that were reseeded a couple of weeks ago are up and beginning to look much better and will soon catch up.  

#7 Green

Greens approaching full coverage

Selecting some very nice oak trees

Cart path install at #2

Bridge beams being off loaded

Bridge removal #8

Monday, September 22, 2014

Golf Course Renovation: Week 6

It was another busy week of work on the golf course.  Areas in front of greens that were washed out by heavy rains have been sodded with 007 bentgrass, while areas on the greens that were washed out have been reseeded and covered with germination blankets.  We expect these areas to catch up quickly with an ideal forecast ahead.  The greens are growing in very well despite some below average temperatures, and we will begin to lower heights each week until winter.  It is our intention to end the growing year with 100% turf coverage at a typical over winter mowing height for greens. Currently, we are on schedule to achieve this.  

Sea wall installation at #10 Green is nearing completion.  We generally have many muskrat tunnels in the green each fall, and the steel barrier will protect the green from them.  

Tee leveling is in full swing with three tee complexes completed in the first five days.  Once several more complexes have been completed, our staff will spray Roundup on tee banks that are contaminated with bentgrass.  The banks will then be sodded with 100% Kentucky bluegrass.  

The first application of Velocity herbicide was applied to fairways mid week.  A multiple application program will kill Poa annua that has germinated along side the bentgrass that was planted about a month ago. This herbicide will turn the bentgrass slightly yellow and will stunt it for several weeks, but will rebound as the Poa continues to die out.  Studies have shown this method of renovation to yield less than 2% Poa population on fairways after completion.  

Sheet piling being driven at #10 Green

Anchors behind the wall will help prevent damage from frost heaving

Seeding/sodding wash-outs on greens/approaches

Greens looking great just 24 days after seeding

#1 Tee complex being leveled

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Golf Course Renovation: Week 5

This week began with some very nice sunny weather, and the team was able to mow greens and fairways for the first time since seeding.  Greens were mowed 14 days after seeding and fairways were mowed 21 days after seeding, which is fairly typical of newly seeded bentgrass.  With the unseasonably cold and wet weather this weekend, staff spent yesterday covering greens, and the covers will likely remain on for several days until the chance of frost has diminished.  It appears that we will get a bit of a warm-up later this coming week.  Some warmer temperatures and sunshine will be good for the turf.

Pond bank stabilization in full swing.  Installation of coconut husk logs has been completed on #12 fairway, #12 approach, and #4 has begun.  Staff will continue to work only on installation of logs until later this fall when sod can be laid without requiring large amounts of hand watering.

Mowing #10 Green on Tuesday afternoon.

A view of #2 Fairway while being mowed Wednesday.

Most fairways are filling in well.  First application of Velocity to kill Poa is next week.

38 degrees??  Green covers will eliminate chances of frost and encourage continued growth.

Pond bank stabilization logs installed on #12 Approach.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Golf Course Renovation Week 4

Week 4 of the golf course renovation project went quickly with the holiday on Monday.  Our primary objective was to sod green perimeters, and each day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday one semi load of sod (9,600 square feet) was laid.  By Wednesday, the golf course had dried down enough to apply fertilizer with the spread truck on fairways.  The fairways are filling in very quickly, largely due to utilizing the correct equipment and correct set-up by our equipment technician.  

The rain on Friday threw a wrench in our weekend plans.  After receiving 1" of precipitation in about twenty minutes, an inspection of the golf course revealed wash-outs on many of our putting surfaces.  Today, the staff spend a good portion of the day repairing and reseeding these areas.

The green perimeter on #15 being sodded Wednesday afternoon.

The fertilizer truck on #2 fairway.  Looking really nice!

A quick inch of rain fell on Friday.

Repair, seed, and fertilize wash-outs on greens.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Golf Course Renovation Week 3

Week number three of the golf course renovation was all about the grass.  The fairways, which were seeded last week, have germinated and are growing very well.  On sunny, windy days they require a moderate amount of attention, but not nearly the amount of attention as a sand based green.  All greens were seeded this week, including #1 Green as its reconstruction was completed on Wednesday.  A total of 3200 pounds of bentgrass seed has been planted on schedule.  Although it may seem early, it is likely that staff will begin mowing by the end of next week.  

#18 fairway coming back from the dead!
Lucas seeding our nursery green.
We hope we don't need to use it, but it is best to be prepared.

Nate pressing the seed into the sand for good soil/seed contact.
This helps tremendously with germination percentage.

Watering in seed and fertilizer at #1 Green.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Golf Course Renovation Week 2

The golf course has taken on a different look this week with the appearance of dead fairways and greens. The construction of #1 Green is nearing completion.  On Monday, Chris Cochran with Nicklaus Design was on site to rework and approve the sub-grade, which gave our construction contractor the remainder of the week to install drainage, gravel and sand mix.  Chris will return on Monday for final inspection and approval of #1 Green, and we anticipate seeding to occur on schedule next week.  

Fairway seeding was completed on Wednesday, and we will expect to see germination some time in the next couple of days.  The warmth, rain, and humid conditions will expedite germination.  However, these conditions have warranted precautionary and preventative treatments for the fungal pathogen Pythium, which thrives in conditions like this and can quickly destroy young, succulent plants.

Chris Cochran working with Liebold Construction on shaping of sub-grade at #1 Green.

Drainage installation after approval of sub-grade.

Depths of gravel and sand are meticulously checked as part of  proper quality control.

Impermeable covers have been removed from fumigated greens.

Fairway seeding in action.  The guys worked very hard to complete prior to precipitation.

.8" of rain fell on Thursday.

Irrigation main line moved at #2 Tee to accommodate expansion of Gold Tee.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Golf Course Renovation Week 1

The first week of closure to play has been very productive.  Our primary objective as we begin working on the golf course is to plant seed in the fairways and on the greens because the opening date next year will depend on the maturity of these two surfaces.  With some great weather, we have been able to keep a tight schedule, and to date there have been 4 acres of green prepped and sterilized, 36 acres of fairway/step-cut sprayed with roundup, and all approved tree removals around greens have been completed.  Our construction contractor is on schedule with the reconstruction of #1 green, and Nicklaus Design will be on site tomorrow to approve sub-grade.  We expect #1 green to be ready for seed on August 25 along with the rest of the greens.

#1 Green on Monday morning prior to tree removal.
#1 Green on Thursday afternoon after tree removal and excavation.

Greens mix from #1 being utilized for 10 yard extension on #2 Tee.
All yardage additions on Nicklaus Master Plan will be completed while golf course is closed.
Greens to be fumigated were core aerified 3 times,
generating over 100 yards of material!

175 tons of kiln dried sand applied to greens.
Sand fills in holes creating better drainage channels,
and it provides the proper environment for drop seeding.
Greens on the golf course have been fumigated.
Covers will be removed on Wednesday.

Tree removals approved for shade remediation are complete,
including this monster that sits just ten feet from the 10th green.